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Gujarati Medium Maths Teacher

Do you enjoy teaching for YouTube video session? Are you a good presenter? Do you like to teach on camera for wast community of online student? If yes, then this is the right job for you. We are looking for maths teacher who enjoy teaching for mobile application.

Your Maths knowledge could transform the futures of children who might otherwise enter the adult world without vital numeracy skills. By joining Easy Education, you'll also transform your own future and you'll be supported every step of the way.

Could you help ensure that the next generation have all the maths knowledge they need to succeed? Use your specialist subject knowledge everyday to inspire and educate the next generation, and help us fight educational inequality by producing best content.

We are searching for a capable and trustworthy Maths Teacher to join our excellent faculty.

The Maths Teacher’s responsibilities include developing interesting lesson plans and curricula, collaborating with others. You should be a curious, lifelong learner with a passion for discovering new things.

Role and Responsibility :

- We are looking for teacher to create online maths content for year 10 to 12 students

- We are producing content of various subjects for various range of student groups.

- Student can learn maths online and offline via mobile app platform

- Develop and write Educational Content Including Notes, Tests, and Assignments.

- Produce content for Interactive online Learning.

- Prepare and write script for the chapter and topic based on the curriculum.

- Demonstrate subject knowledge in front of the camera. Help graphic designer to prepare better graphics.

- Research new topic areas, maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge, and devise and write new curriculum materials.

- Dedication commitment towards work. Organise learning material and resources.

- Inter-culturally aware with well-developed interpersonal skills.

- Computer skills at a level that permits the creative and effective use of technology.

- Designing, developing, and delivering quality lesson plans and curricula that adhere to national and school guidelines.

- Practical experience with MS Office, Google Classroom, and other software.

Skills and Qualifications Required :

- A Master’s degree from an accredited institution in related field.

- Schooling in Gujarati Medium and fluent in Gujarati.

- At least 2 years’ full-time teaching experience in the relevant subject areas.


  • Offered Salary

    1.0 Lakh - 1.7 Lakh
  • Experience

    2 Years

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